Thank You To Past Me

Long time no speak…again…I am honestly not doing too great recently am I! For which I can only apologise. It’s weird, every single time I long onto my Instagram or Facebook I see reminders of how much I haven’t blogged, and I keep telling myself to sit down and write and then I just never do.

I’d like to say that this won’t happen again, but I can’t unfortunately! Life gets on the way and unfortunately, as my hobby, my blog is the first thing to be left at the bottom of my to do list. I know I should take time to ensure that my hobbies are respective and sufficient time allocated; but I’m just not that good haha.

With all this not blogging, as I’m calling it, I’ve been doing an awful lot of reflecting on everything my blog has given me in its 2 and a half years. Not only has my blog given me a little spot on the internet to witter away about goodness knows what, but it has given my life so many gifts and skills and passions that I never quite expected. So with that, I give you, an ode to my blog…a love letter if you will. A thank you for everything, and good vibes for more good things to come please!

Thank you for all the skills…

I think it would be hard to write this post without mentioned all the millions of things I had to teach myself to get this site up and running.



WordPress things




Social Media

Advertising and Marketing


Time Management

And actually how to write a blog.

The hours and hours of research and planning that has gone into this blog in the last 2.5 years is staggering! You will never ever believe how much needs to be done to produce a blog, let alone if you want to be successful at it! If you think all the successful bloggers earn their money from just tapping away at a keyboard for a couple of hours a day, set up a blog and you will very quickly see how that’s rubbish.

Running a blog has not only given me skills just in life, but it also has been a great thing to talk about in interviews and job applications. People love seeing that I have these skills, understanding WordPress for a start seems to be a winner!

My growth and development

My growth and development is documented on this blog. You see me develop from someone suffering from anxiety and overcoming body confidence issues, to someone who is so much stronger and more confident due to my own personal development journey that I have shared here. I have become someone I am proud of and you can see my progress on this blog, catalogued in my own words. It’s amazing to look back over old posts and to see how far I have come. I hope in some way the things I have been writing have connected with people, even if it is just one person, and helped them in some way. My most popular post by far (about 160% more views than the next closest!) is my post on the 3 best TED Talks to watch. I feel that sharing my learning, I’ve helped others!

Not only have you seen this part of me, but you’ve also seen the issues that are close to my heart. I’ve long talked about confidence and feminism, but more recently I’ve shared more of my environmentalist and charitable side; something that I hope to become a greater part of my life through my career.

Now onto new things…

On Saturday I leave for Kenya for 2 weeks to volunteer at a Women’s Rescue Centre near Nairobi. I’m so excited for this next trip and feel incredibly grateful that I’m able to travel for such an amazing cause! I’m sure I’ll be writing a blog post all about it!



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