Diary Of A Trainee Teacher

So I’ve neglected my blog yet again…it’s becoming a bad habit but hey, this space on the internet is mine so I guess I can do what I like with it.

In September I made the big decision to train to become a Primary School Teacher and WOW it is not easy. Not that I ever thought it would be, but honestly I am so grateful for all of my teachers for what they went through in order to teach me.

I thought I’d chronicle a bit of my journey. It probably won’t be regular because I don’t really get the time to do a lot of things I want right now but I’ll post at some point!

I’ll be sharing musings etc from my time in school and whilst in University as well as my thoughts and feelings. I guess a mini journal of my time really.

Ever since my first day at University back in September I just knew that this was the career for me. Although I know it’s going to be tough, I’m so excited by all that I’m learning and the progress I’ve already seen in some of my students. I’ve cried (a lot) but I’ve laughed and smiled as well. Children are unique in every possible way so with the territory comes all sorts of chaos and excitement. I may not be into thrill seeking in the conventional way but boy does being a teacher help prepare you for the unknown!

So far on my journey I’ve met some truly fab people – all as crazy as me for thinking that training to become a teacher is a good idea. I’m fairly confident in saying that although none of our experiences have been the same or even similar we all have cried and we all have laughed; we’ve all had sleepless nights already and not from partying too hard in Freshers (I don’t even think we had a Freshers to be honest as we started our course before the rest of the uni even arrived!).

Becoming a teacher is bloody hard, but its worth every second for that moment when you can make a difference in one child’s life. I get emotional thinking about that. How one day I could be the teacher that people remember into their 50’s and beyond. I could be the teacher that they tell their children about one day as my parents and grandparents have done for me. It’s a wonderful gift really when you think about it like that. There are few people in your life that get to make an impact on who you become: parents and family, close friends and often teachers.

As I’m sitting here writing this it’s nearly the end of my Christmas holidays and a well needed rest. In front of me on my pin board are cards of gratitude from parents, staff and children from my first school and drawings of me under and next to rainbows (they all loved drawing me with a rainbow which I’ve taken as a symbol of how I brought sun and laughter on their rainy days because that’s obviously what they mean…) Nonetheless, it makes me feel that I’m doing the right thing with this whole teaching thing. I was at that school for just 7 weeks and yet I felt like I’d known these children nearly a whole year. I was super fortunate with my first placement school being quite possibly the loveliest school ever and I am praying for the day a job becomes available there!

Ultimately, what I’ve learnt so far is I can do this. I can do whatever I set my mind to because my mind is really rather strong. Yes, I’m still young but I feel like the 43 6 and 7 year olds I got to teach aged me in a positive way as all of a sudden I was responsible for not only them but their learning. Although that is really bloody scary when you think about it like that *insert panic breathing that I am responsible for the literacy and mathematical capability of someone else’s child* but it’s really okay. There are many teachers out there that do it and we need a hell of a lot more as well!

I’m going to post every now and then as sort of a reflection – plus I’ve got in the habit of reading other teacher blogs on instagram and stuff because I think they can be quite funny!


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