Half Term Reflections

It’s been around 7 weeks since my last post and I know this because it currently is half term. Having spent the first 5 weeks of the term in university and the last in school its best to describe it as a half term of two halves!

The first 5 weeks of university hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d be lying if I found them a relaxing way to get back into the new term. I’ll be brutally honest, I think everyone found it tough. Course attendance rates plummeted as people tried to finish the next assignment whilst juggling the reading and learning we had to do on top. Oh and don’t forget all the preparation we need to do to get job ready! Forget a simple CV and covering letter – that’s not how teachers roll! We need personal statements, online application forms, visits to the school, interviews, lesson observations and portfolios: simples.

I felt quite overwhelmed and found myself constantly looking at the cards and gifts I had received from my class before Christmas as a pick me up. A this is why you’re doing this moment if you will. And that’s the truth of it, I’m going through this intense year simply because I know I want to work with children! I want to help the children that I teach to reach their highest potential; to inspire them to go forward and own their lives; and to ultimately be happy with what they choose to do. I know it might seem like I have a vision of rainbows and unicorns but hey, I’m an Early Years teacher, everything needs a bit of glitter!

As I sit here surrounded by paperwork, textbooks and tissues as I fend of the last bit of a horrific cold, I am smiling. I know it’s all going to be okay. Sure I have physically run out of places to put all the books I have to read for my current two assignments, but these assignments will pass. I’ve never missed a deadline and I certainly don’t intend to start now!

I’m so fortunate I have an incredible support system around me trainee teachers and sane people alike! I honestly don’t know what I would do without them! Having some time to relax with some of my Uni friends from my Cardiff days was exactly what the doctor ordered!

Although the time at Uni was hard, it did allow me to make some incredible discoveries about myself and what I want from my future! I have such a passion for supporting children with additional needs and have thoroughly enjoyed learning Makaton (a type of sign language to assist communication) and really hope this is a skill I can develop over time. Being able to communicate with a child that struggles with verbal communication through gesture and seeing the look on their face is totally magical and something I want to ensure impacts how I teach all children.

The last week that I spent in school was like a breath of fresh air. It was like I’d been suffocating under so much academia that once I stepped into the school gates I could breathe again. The children make you be happy, not because you have to but because you want to. I felt so much more relaxed knowing I was going to be spending the hours 8am-3pm in a singular classroom filled with 29 5 year olds than I was going into a university lecture! Call me crazy I know! There’s just something relaxing about all the chaos a Year One class can bring!

I also am very excited because I treated myself to a little stationary order to set me up for my NQT year! Just got to find myself a job now! Wish me luck!


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