What a Year

I’ve done it.

Or at least nearly…just waiting for the paperwork to officially be signed, but I am a fully qualified teacher.

Gosh that feels scary writing that, but equally exciting. I’ve spent the last year or so working up to this moment; many late nights writing and planning, many tears shed and wobbly moments, but equally many laughs and stories to get me through. I never before understood just what it takes to cut it as a teacher and I’m only just starting! I’ve got the next chapter in my life starting now and I cannot wait!

It was just over a year ago I got back from Kenya and decided I wanted to become a teacher. And gosh has a lot happened in that year! I’ve fallen in and out of love, and back in it again, moved back home with my parents, secured a job as a teacher in an incredible school and officially gone full vegan. It’s been quite the year and the personal growth I have undergone has been completely mind-blowing! I thought I was the sort of person that had their self together, and now I know I have a long way to go before I ever come close to that (and is anyone ever really close?).

One of the main things I’ve learnt is to trust that things will work out, everything turns out alright in the end! The universe has a funny way of doing that. People have laughed at me and told me I’m silly for believing that to be the case, but honestly, I do not care. Life has thrown all sorts at me this year, just like it will have done to everyone, and every single one of those things have led me to where I am today. When relationships end and a new career is undergo it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by everything. I definitely felt confused and anxious about how things were going to work out, was I making the best decision for myself? I now know I was and I still am making the best decisions I can for myself.

Having friends and family around to support is the most crucial thing. I don’t think I could have made it through as well as I have without my teacher friends, old uni friends and family as a support. They’ve helped me to maintain some sort of life outside of school and have made me remember when to laugh and when to breathe. Having those sort of people in your life and in a way that they are so easily accessible is something everyone should try and achieve in their life! Always check in on that strong friend. The one that everyone thinks has it together, they’re usually the one giving out advice to everyone, they too need some time to be supported as well.

I’ve certainly had to prioritise myself this year. Something I wasn’t used to doing at all. I have had to say no to some social occasions because I’ve needed the time to do work, attend training or simply to do nothing. Being selfish in that way is by no means a negative and I encourage everyone to do it when they need to. Learning the power of the word no is something I constantly have to remind myself of, I know that I need to say it more in order to protect myself and that’s something I wish to continue to do.

My new job starting in September is honestly the most exciting thing for me. I will have my own class of my own lovelies which is what I have worked so hard to achieve. My first class will always be special and I am so ready for the next part of my training and career. The school I have secured a job in are incredibly supportive and I cannot wait to be fully involved in the every day life of being a Reception Teacher!

In terms of how this year has been for me, it has been a tough one. I’ve made many changes and taken new risks and challenges as a result. I’ve become a person that is so different from the one 12 months ago; I’m more mature, I’m more selfish in the best way, and with that I’m more compassionate and able to seek joy in things. I’m laughing a lot more and I owe that to the people in my life, both old and new, and with that I’m enjoying life a lot more too. Not to say I wasn’t before, but I’ve reached a new level of happiness, one I think that can only be attributed to how many changes I’ve had to cope with in the last year!

I never would have been able to predict this is where I would be a year ago. I feel like an entirely new person, but still the same me. I’ve grown in ways I never thought I could, and equally I’ve become even more proud of the person I am today. I’ve got lots of things I want to do now, and my mind is just buzzing from it! There are some exciting things ahead for me and I can’t wait to share them in time.


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