Brighton: A Weekend Getaway

For my birthday this year my boyfriend well and truly spoilt me. It was our first “celebration” since we’ve been together so it all felt really rather special. I’ve always been the planner in relationships so to have someone plan and then surprise me with a weekend away was really the most amazing thing! I wanted to share with you some of the things we did with our time, the places we ate and what we saw too!

I’ve never really explored much of England or any of the United Kingdom unless I’ve lived there or visited friends/family. So having my first proper weekend away, and my first weekend away with my boyfriend was super exciting. He’d planned practically everything and the fact that the weekend orientated around the best places to eat sums us up as a couple pretty perfectly I think too.

Brighton was the perfect place to go as from Bournemouth it only took us 2 hours by car to get there. I will say that with driving there’s the added part of parking which wasn’t easy or cheap in Brighton, so maybe take this into consideration if you go! We walked everywhere we wanted to go and found everything quite easy to locate so not having a car there isn’t a bad thing!

We stayed in a lovely little airbnb super close to the beach. It was such a sweet little place and felt really cosy and was only about a 15 minute walk from the pier so was perfect.

Brunch was honestly the most incredible thing I’ve ever eaten. The catered so well to vegans and gave more than just an “avo on toast” option too which is always great to see. I had the mushroom hash with tofu scramble and as a self-proclaimed potato lover I was well and truly chuffed with what I got to eat that day! The little cafe was called  Starfish and Coffee, which was a little bit of a walk back off the sea front, but definitely worth the trip! I’m still dreaming about that brunch.

And for those of you wondering what’s floating in my drink; they’re passionfruit seeds to go in my passionfruit lemonade!

It was fortunately such a lush weekend weather wise, we even said how it felt like we were on holiday abroad! Stepping out of our AirBnb in the morning honestly felt like we were in some seaside town in France, but without the hassle of flying!

The cracking weather meant we spent the hottest time of the day sat under some shade at the end of the pier taking in our surroundings with a Pimms and a beer. We sat there for a few hours just chatting and enjoying the moment, for a moment it felt like there was nothing else going on in my life just that moment – it was lush.

Whenever I mention Brighton to people now they ask if I saw The Lanes, which are small narrow streets that reminded us of something out of a film. We had a little wander around them on the Saturday afternoon after stumbling across them and it’s a jewellers paradise. Jewellery shop after jewellery shop meant we did some serious window shopping at all the various pieces. It was pretty cool to imagine ever having the money to afford the beautiful pieces we could see too!

After having a little refresh back at the flat we headed out for a walk along the promenade followed by dinner at a cool little place my boyfriend found…

For dinner on the Saturday night we headed to The BOK Shop a restaurant that offers both free range chicken or vegan chicken dishes. We both went for the same burger, which was peanut satay sauce style, but I went for the vegan chicken version instead! It was honestly so delicious, but just a tad spicy for what my very weak tastebuds could take – but I still finished it!

The Sunday morning we spent being a little bit lazy before heading into town again. We decided to have more of a lunch than a brunch at a place called Leon. I’d heard of this place before and never actually tried it. The original plan was to head somewhere else for lunch but we both stopped in our tracks and headed in when we saw a massive sign reading vegan cheesy jackfruit bites and I was sold! The food was delish and I highly recommend the jackfruit bites if any of you are lucky enough to be near a Leon!

Walking back to the car to head home we stopped for a while for a busker, who I think we both agreed was probably one of the best we’d ever seen. He had no sign so my boyfriend did some amazing detective work and found that he was from a band called The Big Push, so I very much recommend you have a listen!

All in all my weekend in Brighton was as good as it could have been really! Had great company, great food and a great location! I’m excited to see where we’ll head next together and what more food I can get in ma belly…


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4 thoughts on “Brighton: A Weekend Getaway

  1. Ah that’s lovely that you enjoyed Brighton! I live on the outskirts of it and work in the centre, it’s such a beautiful and diverse city ❤ it sounds like you came across some lovely places, you take for granted the different things on offer when you live here!


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