One Year Veganniversary: Vegan Questions Answered

I cannot believe it has been one whole year since I took the step into full veganism! I had been part time vegan for a few years and felt the time was right to complete the process. Well, a year on and I’m still alive and well. I wish I could go back in time and make this decision sooner as I honestly think its the best one I’ve ever made.

Not only has it made me more aware of the food I’m putting in my body, but I’ve also become much more outgoing as a cook as well as an eater. I’ve loved experimenting with new dishes and have hosted people for dinner more than I ever did before. My cookery skills have dramatically improved and I’ve found a new passion in the kitchen.

As much as veganism is on the rise dramatically in the Western world, there are still many sceptics. I’ve repeatedly been told it’s not as healthy and I’ll get ill, or “plants have feelings too” but I am firm and confident in my veganism just like everyone else that is vegan too. I fully respect peoples beliefs about the diet but equally I can’t shake my belief and view that it does have huge benefits not only for people as individuals but on a global scale too. We only have to look at the news to see the devastating effect the meat industry is having on the Amazon Rainforest as we speak to realise how a plant based diet could be better.

This post isn’t to influence or turn people vegan but I guess just to educate people on my decisions with regards to my own veganism. I also think its fair to address the questions I get about my dietary choices, as I do get asked them a lot! I always strive to be conscious in how I represent “vegans” as we can get a bad rep so I hope this post also dissuades people from seeing all vegans as the same too.

So without further ado, here are your vegan questions answered…

Where do you get your protein from?

Probably the most common question for any vegan ever. People are always concerned about protein as its most commonly associated with meat. Well to answer this, there are so many places you can get protein from other than meat products. In fact, a lot of them have a higher protein per gram value than meat too! My top protein sources are nuts, beans, chickpeas, lentils, spinach and broccoli. All of these, if eaten appropriately can give the daily recommend minimum of 46g of protein (for a women, 56g for a man). Quite often an omnivore diet (one consisting of both animal and non-animal products) consumes too large an amount of protein on a daily basis. Animals such as gorillas and elephants are some of the biggest most powerful animals and they survive on a plant-based diet. Animals traditionally consumed for their protein (cows, chickens etc) survive themselves on a purely plant based diet too.

Don’t you miss cheese?

Again a question that many people ask, or simply sub in chocolate or pizza in for cheese for other common questions. In short, no. I’ve found many items of food that satisfy any of these cravings and I almost never think about the food I can’t eat anymore. I see it as choosing not to rather than not being able to and having this autonomy over my diet allows me to not think of it as restrictive. I feel a lot healthier than my pre-vegan self because I now no longer over indulge in these foods, something I used to do often! I really quite enjoy the foods I get to eat as a vegan so I don’t miss any of the non-vegan foods I used to eat!

Isn’t it hard eating out/socialising with friends etc…?

Nope! I have vegan and non-vegan friends and a family full of meat eaters so I’m very used to being the only vegan in the room. Initially it was a bit daunting but I’ve found it to be so much easier than I ever thought. So many restaurants now cater for vegans and have gotten very creative with their dishes too. I definitely am more adventurous as a vegan than I ever was as a meat eater! It does sometimes take a bit more planning, but that’s something I never mind doing as I love researching and finding new places to eat. My boyfriend is a meat eater so I always am mindful that there are options for him as well as me too and we’ve never found it too difficult to find a place that suits both our needs.

If I’m honest, the best way to see what it’s like being vegan is to try the food. Many of the people I have cooked vegan food for have been very surprised by the fact that its vegan and I believe its opened many of their eyes to what vegans actually eat. So give a vegan dish a go, or when in a restaurant try the vegan option and see what you think! I’m a firm believer in “Try anything twice” so give it a go!

In the above photo I was out with my non-vegan boyfriend for brunch and it was probably the best brunch either of us had ever had! It was an amazing place in Brighton I wrote about in this post.

I’d love to hear any more questions, so send them my way in the comments!


Photo of the carbonara is from an amazing vegan restaurant in Bournemouth called Twelve Eatery and is probably one of my favourite restaurants ever!

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