Weight Is But A Number

I am a firm believer in the fact that your weight does not define you. I mean, why should it? We don’t let other numerical values such as height or shoe size dictate our worth. How much I weigh has never been a concern of mine, as long as I am happy and comfortable with my body why should my weight affect my happiness?

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How To Survive Being Female

Women are told their entire lives how to survive as a female:

“Don’t wear that skirt, it’s too short it gives the wrong idea”

“Don’t walk on your own at night, it’s not safe”

“If you put your drink down on a night out, don’t go back to it: you don’t know what’s in it”

We have programmed that it is their responsibility to stay safe and to not get raped or assaulted. We have programmed women to believe that it is their fault if they are harmed because they didn’t follow one of the rules above.

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My Life On The Road By Gloria Steinem

As it was World Book Day yesterday, I thought I would share with you a little book review on an awesome book I’ve been reading this last month. I read Gloria Steinem’s book as part of Emma Watson’s feminist book club ‘Our Shared Shelf‘ and I have to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. For one, I have never enjoyed autobiographies before and two, I’m a crime/thriller book lovers so wasn’t sure this politics based book would be something I’d enjoy – for fear it would too closely remind me of all of my readings and textbooks for my degree!

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How To Get The Ultimate Revenge Body

Going through a tough break-up can be so hard and painful, especially if you weren’t the one to call it off. I see so often articles on ‘How to get a revenge body’ and how to make your ex jealous with these top fitness tips. For me, if you really are the type of person that loves a bit of sweet revenge, endless hours in the gym and painful dieting isn’t the way to go about it. Being confident is the most attractive thing so if you can find self-love in this tough time, you’ll feel so much better.

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