My Spend-Free February

I feel like February is the perfect month to set yourself a challenge. Aside from it being slightly shorter, its also a way to keep the momentum of the New Year going. Everyone sets New Year resolutions in January but quite often they tend to fizzle out (not always but some do!). So, just like last year I set myself the challenge of being vegan for the whole of February – which is now something I embrace in as much of my life as possible – this year I am giving myself a no spend rule.

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Back At It Again With Plastic

I’m back again! My exams are over and my final semester at university is just beginning. I have my final deadline at the start of May so the countdown to the end of my student life is fast approaching. What this new semester brings for me is the start of the next chapter in my life, but also some interesting modules to finish off my academic career. I’d be lying if I said that one week in I’m not stressed, but then again would I really be a final year student if I wasn’t?

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100 Acts of Kindness

Today my day was brightened when I watched a video about a young girl who had saved up her pocket money for her classmates to be able to afford milk in their snack time at a school in America. When her family realised what she was doing, they made a GoFundMe page and before long she’d raised over $5000. This meant the children in her class could have free milk for the entire year. This small act of kindness touched my heart and made me want to share with you some ways in which you can be kind this year. My RAKtivism post at the start of the year was all about making 2018 the year of random acts of kindness, so I wanted to share with you some ideas.

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Make 2018 Your Year of RAKtivism!

You’ve probably clicked on this post because you were maybe intrigued by the word RAKtivism, or maybe you know what it means and you want to find out how to make 2018 your most RAKtivist yet! Or you just love my blog and read all my posts regardless of the title (If you are one of those people, thank you!).

RAKtivism is a word I’ve only just discovered. In fact it was down to a book I got for Christmas (The Little Book of Lykke to be exact) that first introduced me to the term. Me being me, I thought I’d do some research and discovered a truly beautiful and wonderful movement that I thought I absolutely had to share with you today.

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Moving On To 2018

How scary is that. 2018. The year I graduate, turn 21 and truly begin my life as an adult. No biggy, just super terrifying.

Is anyone else having that “I don’t know what to do with my life” moment, because I seem to be living in it constantly and it would be fab to know I’m not alone! In the spirit of the upcoming New Year, I guess it’s only fair I partake in the annual ‘goals for the year’. As I mentioned in my last post I know that I didn’t quite meet my goals for this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t set ones for next year too!

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2017 Reflections

Wow what a year 2017 has been for me. Is it cliché to say it’s been one of the best years ever?! Because it really has. Not only have I done some unbelievable things (did I mention I’ve been to South East Asia?) but I’ve also learnt so much and grown a great deal as a person. I’ve begun making some major life decisions in 2017 too so that’s a great way to start off 2018 eh?!

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