How To De-Stress

Recently I’ve been feeling a little stressed, hence the blogging break. I’m so busy with all my work, building a business and finally having my boyfriend back from Borneo! I’ve had to take some ‘chill-time’ to get myself feeling back to my usual happy chilled self!

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If You Have Netflix, Watch This Now

I love Netflix. Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girl, Jane the Virgin, if its trashy TV I’ve probably seen it! BUT, and this is a big but, not all of Netflix is your addictive rubbish TV; theres a film on there that has literally changed the way I look at life and it’s really worth a watch!

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A Walk To Clear The Mind

Sometimes the stress of life can just get a little all too much. You could be working ridiculous hours in your job, studying day and night for exams or even just having so many little jobs and hobbies that you seem to just lose all your free time! Sometimes life can get all too busy for all of us so one thing I have been doing a lot more recently is going for walks.

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How To Deal With Exam Stress

As a student I have experienced my fair share of exams in the past. And as exam season is upon us, or rapidly approaching for some, I thought I would share my top tips on how to stay as relaxed as possible at this stressful time! Now as I’m sure some of you may know if you read my anxiety post I suffer with anxiety. Therefore I’m not always cool as a cucumber when it comes to exam day. However, this has allowed me to come up with my own little list of what I do to help reduce my stress. Now this is what works for me, so it may not work for everyone! But I hope it can help people in some way!

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How To Get The Ultimate Revenge Body

Going through a tough break-up can be so hard and painful, especially if you weren’t the one to call it off. I see so often articles on ‘How to get a revenge body’ and how to make your ex jealous with these top fitness tips. For me, if you really are the type of person that loves a bit of sweet revenge, endless hours in the gym and painful dieting isn’t the way to go about it. Being confident is the most attractive thing so if you can find self-love in this tough time, you’ll feel so much better.

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How Yoga Helped Me Achieve Self-Love

Yoga was hugely fundamental in my self-love journey. It allowed me to really open myself up and become more connected with the world. For those that think this already sounds like a load of mumbo-jumbo, I ask you to bare with me because I too thought the same before starting yoga.

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