100 Acts of Kindness

Today my day was brightened when I watched a video about a young girl who had saved up her pocket money for her classmates to be able to afford milk in their snack time at a school in America. When her family realised what she was doing, they made a GoFundMe page and before long she’d raised over $5000. This meant the children in her class could have free milk for the entire year. This small act of kindness touched my heart and made me want to share with you some ways in which you can be kind this year. My RAKtivism post at the start of the year was all about making 2018 the year of random acts of kindness, so I wanted to share with you some ideas.

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Make 2018 Your Year of RAKtivism!

You’ve probably clicked on this post because you were maybe intrigued by the word RAKtivism, or maybe you know what it means and you want to find out how to make 2018 your most RAKtivist yet! Or you just love my blog and read all my posts regardless of the title (If you are one of those people, thank you!).

RAKtivism is a word I’ve only just discovered. In fact it was down to a book I got for Christmas (The Little Book of Lykke to be exact) that first introduced me to the term. Me being me, I thought I’d do some research and discovered a truly beautiful and wonderful movement that I thought I absolutely had to share with you today.

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Time To Be An Adult…

It’s weird to think I started this blog in my first year of university, and now, here I am, nearly half way through my final year. Where has the time gone. I feel like the girl I was when I started has grown in to a “proper” adult. But that’s the scary part. I’m set to graduate in July and that means the world of adult choices officially begin.

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Embracing Vulnerability And The Power of Failure

In case you didn’t realise in my recent post on must see TED talks I’ve really gotten into watching them a lot over the last month or so. I was recommended to watch Brené Brown’s talks on vulnerability and shame and after watching them I knew I had to write a post based on them.

20 Things I’ve Learnt In 20 Years

I turned 20 last week! I really don’t feel in anyway shape or form feel old enough to be, as my boyfriend has lovingly put it, “half way to 40”. But then I guess does anyone ever really feel their age?

I should also apologise for not posting last week! I was meant to post but I was bad and well just didn’t. So sorry about that!

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Is It Possible To Live A Plastic/Waste Free Life?

As a way to escape from the stress that is exam season, I found myself binge watching Netflix. But not rubbish TV shows: documentaries.

It’s been so educational watching and learning new things about the world we live in. After seeing Sarah post on instagram from The Scarlett State about the documentary A Plastic Ocean I decided to give it a go.

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