What’s Your Gift?

So first, a small life update.

If you’re in the UK you may have heard of the upcoming lecture strikes at universities over pension changes. Well, I am one of those students who will be affected as a result, so looks like I’m going to have some extra time on my hands over the coming weeks as most of my lectures/seminars are cancelled. One good thing about this is that I have been able to read. Like actually read books that aren’t for my degree.

I find I get a lot of my blog post inspiration when I’m reading. In fact some of my most favourite posts have been inspired by a book or author I’ve recently discovered. And today’s post is no different!

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3 Books Every 20 Year Old Should Read

Okay so I know I’m not actually 20 years old yet, but I will be in June, and I have really been reading some fab books recently as a way to escape from the heavy weight of my looming exams. Reading is something that has always been a bit of an escape for me and have if I find a good book you won’t see me until it’s finished! I definitely don’t get enough time to read BUT I’m really trying to increase the frequency in my life. When it comes to the types of books I read, I love a good crime thriller but also enjoy personal development books. I’ve never been one for romance novels, but that’s just me! So, I thought I would compile a list of 3 must reads for people my age, and, if you haven’t read them (regardless of your age) give them a try!

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