Back At It Again With Plastic

I’m back again! My exams are over and my final semester at university is just beginning. I have my final deadline at the start of May so the countdown to the end of my student life is fast approaching. What this new semester brings for me is the start of the next chapter in my life, but also some interesting modules to finish off my academic career. I’d be lying if I said that one week in I’m not stressed, but then again would I really be a final year student if I wasn’t?

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Is It Possible To Live A Plastic/Waste Free Life?

As a way to escape from the stress that is exam season, I found myself binge watching Netflix. But not rubbish TV shows: documentaries.

It’s been so educational watching and learning new things about the world we live in. After seeing Sarah post on instagram from The Scarlett State about the documentary A Plastic Ocean I decided to give it a go.

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