Top 5 Tips To A Hassle-Free Energised Morning

I am the first person to admit I hate getting up in the morning. My desire to just stay in my warm cosy bed is so hard to over come. A repeat “snooze” button offender, I felt a need for a change. With my new semester at university just starting, what a better time to embrace the morning!

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Get Hygge With It

If you haven’t heard of hygge where have you been? (I should perhaps point out that hygge is not pronounced like jiggie but with a instead of a j, but more like hue-gah). This way of living has Danish origins but is completely applicable to every walk of life.

I’d read about it on loads of blogs and wanted to give my life some hygge so I was absolutely delighted when my little book of hygge ended up under the Christmas tree for me last year!

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