What a Year

I’ve done it.

Or at least nearly…just waiting for the paperwork to officially be signed, but I am a fully qualified teacher.

Gosh that feels scary writing that, but equally exciting. I’ve spent the last year or so working up to this moment; many late nights writing and planning, many tears shed and wobbly moments, but equally many laughs and stories to get me through. I never before understood just what it takes to cut it as a teacher and I’m only just starting! I’ve got the next chapter in my life starting now and I cannot wait!

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Give Personal Development A Try

If you’re new to my little space on the internet, first of all hello! But secondly, me talking about personal development is nothing new. I seem to spend my life somewhat absorbed by it; educating myself daily on what more I can do. Being *a bit* obsessed with personal development has brought me many a joke about how I’m “trying to fix the world with positive thoughts”, but to be honest, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

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Valentine’s is a time for self-love!

So yesterday being Valentine’s Day and all, I thought it seemed relevant to write a post on love. But I’m not talking the sappy rom-com type, I’m talking self-love. I think Valentines Day is such a lovely day and I’m not going to lie, I loved the fact that I was able to spend last weekend celebrating with my boyfriend. It was really lovely to celebrate our love for each other with holiday planning for the summer, a homemade curry courtesy of Joshua himself and some delicious vegan avocado brownies! But, as long distances have an issue of being, well, long-distance, February 14th was spent indulging in self love!

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Get Hygge With It

If you haven’t heard of hygge where have you been? (I should perhaps point out that hygge is not pronounced like jiggie but with a instead of a j, but more like hue-gah). This way of living has Danish origins but is completely applicable to every walk of life.

I’d read about it on loads of blogs and wanted to give my life some hygge so I was absolutely delighted when my little book of hygge ended up under the Christmas tree for me last year!

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