My Experience With My PGCE: How Can You Survive It?

Life as a PGCE student isn’t easy, and trust me if anyone says it is I don’t believe them. But by god is it worth it. In less than a year I have made a full 180 with my life in a positive way. My PGCE has given me direction in my life as well as clarity in so many aspects; for the first time in my life I have something I want to do, and that to me is the most exciting thing.

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What a Year

I’ve done it.

Or at least nearly…just waiting for the paperwork to officially be signed, but I am a fully qualified teacher.

Gosh that feels scary writing that, but equally exciting. I’ve spent the last year or so working up to this moment; many late nights writing and planning, many tears shed and wobbly moments, but equally many laughs and stories to get me through. I never before understood just what it takes to cut it as a teacher and I’m only just starting! I’ve got the next chapter in my life starting now and I cannot wait!

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