Give Personal Development A Try

If you’re new to my little space on the internet, first of all hello! But secondly, me talking about personal development is nothing new. I seem to spend my life somewhat absorbed by it; educating myself daily on what more I can do. Being *a bit* obsessed with personal development has brought me many a joke about how I’m “trying to fix the world with positive thoughts”, but to be honest, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

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4 Tips on how I organise myself everyday

Any one else seriously confused by how fast this year is going? Like it’s MARCH! I swear I only just got back to university, and now all my deadlines seem to be far too close for comfort! I don’t know why but the days just keep flying by, which is good and bad. Good because it means I’m closer to my holiday of a lifetime with Josh, but bad because it means my deadlines and exams are even closer!

I’ve really taken some time out this week to sort my life out. By this I mean I have finally taken steps to put things in place for my future; meetings with University tutors, careers services and career workshops are all filling up my diary. I love being busy especially for things for my future. With my life being so incredibly busy I thought I’d give some of my top tips on how to stay organised!

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