This past year has been incredible for me. Do you want to know one of the main reasons why? I have educated myself. I have educated myself on our planet, on my life and what it can mean in this world, and I have educated myself on what I want from my future and my life. There have been numerous resources I have used to help me on this journey and I… Read More

So three weeks vegan, one to go. And I have to say it has been so much better (and easier) than I expected it to be. I thought as I’m now this far in I thought I would give a little summary and a few recipes of things I have been eating over the week. A reflection if you will, what I’ve liked, disliked, learnt etc, etc. Now ***spoiler alert*** I won’t… Read More

veganuary vegan

If you have a little look back to my goals and wishes for 2017, one of them was to go vegan for a month. Ideally I would have loved this to be January as a way to kickstart my new year, but I felt that was a little bit inconvenient for my family as I will be living back at home for the first three weeks of 2017. My family are meat eaters,… Read More